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Get to know the roulette wheel

There’s no doubting the roulette wheel’s popularity.

For centuries, plucky chancers have been resting their fate in the spin of the roulette wheel to try and win big cash prizes. Many gamblers claim there’s no adrenaline rush like it. But if you’re looking to step up to the roulette table yourself at either a real or online casino, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the wheel before you play.  

History of the Wheel

Believe it or not, the roulette wheel was invented by accident.

It happened back in the 17th century. A famous mathematician and physicist named Blaise Pascal had been trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. For all the non-science types out there, this would be a machine that can basically keep on moving without an external energy source.

Experts now know that such a machine is impossible (it would have to defy the laws of physics), so it’s no surprise Pascal failed to build one. Nevertheless, his attempts did lead to the roulette wheels you can now see being spun in casinos across the globe.

The Modern Roulette Wheel

The modern roulette wheel stands as one of the oldest and most iconic pieces of equipment in the casino today. Modern wheels can be easily divided into two types: (1) American roulette wheels and (2) European roulette wheels.

The main difference between these wheels is the number of zero pockets. The European wheel has only a single zero pocket, whereas the American wheel has both a zero and a double-zero pocket. Whilst this might sound like only a small difference, it has a big impact on the house edge. So if you’re hoping to be a profitable roulette player, always choose to play a European (rather than an American) version of the game.  

Nevertheless, both types of wheels are made up of the same basic parts. There’s a main bowl and wheelhead, as well as other components like deflectors and pockets. You can find out more about the different parts of the roulette wheel by checking out our simple guide below.

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