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The top 5 places where you can sharpen your poker skills

Mike Sexton, famous poker player said: “Poker takes five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master”. Just like any other pursuit, the key to succeeding in poker is also practice. There is always a room for improvement in poker. Regardless of how long a player has been playing poker, he or she will face new challenges in every game. Even though poker requires a certain luck factor, there are some things that one can do to sharpen his or her skills.

People who see playing poker as a potential career option or hobby but don’t know where to start with it, can look up some places where they start sharpening their poker skills.

1. The very first place where one can hone one’s poker skills are the social poker networks. It is the place where one can play against thousands of poker players and get used to the functions and rules of online poker. Though social poker networks are readily available to everyone and are completely free they are not the correct choice for elevating one’s poker knowledge. However, players can still use it to observe mistakes of others and get some basic tips.

2. After learning the basics from social poker networks it is better to move to online poker rooms so that one can play real money poker. Many online poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments with real tickets or money prizes to tournaments which have money buy-ins. With freeroll tournaments, one gets to play poker and win real money.

3. Real money online websites for poker are the next step for those who want to hone their poker skills. These sites have poker players who are much more skilled and all the players have something at stake.

4. Up next are the local cardrooms which are great choices for both who want to branch out to live poker and those who are interested in online poker. It is important to be able to adjust to new situations and live poker helps player step out of their comfort zone and help them in understanding the game and its psychology better.

Study groups and online forums also help sharpen one’s poker skills as one can ask questions and get correct answers from people who have experience in this field. Players can interact with poker players from all around the world and can share experiences, ideas and learn new things.

All these places will help one gain some insight on poker and increase their poker skills and strategies.

Charles Steven
Charles Steven is a successful gambler and also gives training in gambling to many people. He has written many gambling articles for various online gambling magazines.

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